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Time is money, but stay frugal. Works full-time but also has a side hustle. Does not like waiting for change when paying with cash at the market or when taking a motor bike - especially after some bad experience with not getting the correct change. Considers MobileMoney as safer but not necessarily quicker. Would prefer to create a new Gmail account to get an additional 15GB of space, instead of getting a paid Google Drive subscription.

📍 Rwanda  🏦 Bank  💸 Mobile Money  💳 Debit Card  📱 Android  💻 Desktop/Laptop  ☁️ Google Drive (free)

Store of Value & Payments

  • Keeps the majority of his salary in a Bank Accounts, and uses MTN MobileMoney for day-to-day transactions
  • Has a side hustle to bring in additional revenues
  • Saves regularly
  • Prefers using cash, and says having cash on hand does not increase spending behaviour
  • Uses MTN MobileMoney often but dislikes the new charges the provider have placed on transactions
  • Takes informal loans from a few friends, but won't borrow from banks because getting in debt to them is scary. So he only has a bank debit card that he uses for online purchases, instead of a credit card. Usually takes 2-4 weeks to repay, depending mostly on when salary payment is available.
  • Pays for his sisters schooling
  • Dislikes waiting for market vendors or motor drivers to get change and doesn't trust handing over cash if they don't have change
  • Uses Notes app on his phone to keep records of expenses and who owes him money
In your side business, how do your customers pay you?

What I do is translation services for different clients in Rwanda, and elsewhere in the world. So there are different ways they pay me. Rwandan people, pay me through mobile money and bank accounts. Abroad, they sometimes use Western union and some others wire directly to my local bank account.

Why do you think that using mobile money is the easiest way to pay?

With mobile money you only send what you need to send. You don't have to be stuck [waiting for change] with a motor driver or someone whom you're buying vegetables from.

Let's say he only wants 200, you have 5K in your pocket, you don't have the change and you can't trust the person to give him all your money. With mobile money if he wants 200, send him 200, then walk away. So it's quick, you don't have to negotiate.

Say you are on a bike, you ask the motor driver the number of his mobile money and finish the transaction. By the minute you reach to where you're going you're done then you walk away.

(I like mobile money, because I can avoid problems when its late at night and the driver doesn't have change. People are reluctant to help you get change when its late at night)

PIN Security & Device Storage

  • Is conscious about pin security
  • Backup and Storage is not on top of mind
  • In some cases may opt for cheapness over convenience.
  • Would be willing to create a new Gmail account in order to avoid having to pay for more storage for Google Drive.
  • Sometimes uses a computer to backup information from Google Drive.
What do you do when an application you have just downloaded asks you for your phone number?

There are these apps that you know, for sure that they need it, you always understand the logic behind it. Otherwise I don't provide it, but if it's a social media app like Twitter or Instagram, I know for a fact they will need it to generate my contacts and make me communicate with people.

That's why they need my contact information. If it is a dictionary, come on. Why do you need my names and things to give me a dictionary?

What would you do if your Google cloud runs out of space?

That's hasn't reached there yet. I can figure out something when that happens.

I would go back and delete some things or transfer some of my things to some of the other accounts. You know, there are so many other ways you can, can have them online.

Someone can even have 2 Gmails or use Dropbox.

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