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Cash is king, but times are changing. Works full time but also deals in real estate as a side hustle. Uses mobile money often but dislikes the fact that digital payments tend to lure you to overspend. Prefers cash and says feeling the paper in your hand helps you feel your hard work’s reward. Uses Google Drive to backup contacts and photos, as well as important files. Does not expect Good Drive to run out of space any time soon.

πŸ“ Rwanda  🏦 Bank  πŸ’Έ Mobile Money  πŸ“± Android  πŸ’» Desktop/Laptop  ☁️ Google Drive (free)

Store of Value & Payments

  • Keeps the majority of salary in a Bank Account, but makes day to day transactions using mobile money.
  • Has a side business that brings in additional revenues.
  • Saves regularly
  • Prefers using cash, and says having cash on hand does not increase spending behaviour
  • Uses Mobile Money often, but dislikes the fact that digital payments tend to lure people to overspend. Believes that cash is more manageable than digital forms of money.
  • Hates being in debt but can take a loan from a bank in case he needs to make an investment e.g. when buying a house.
  • Sends money to his family in the countryside via MTN Mobile Money
  • Uses a spreadsheet to keep records of expenses
  • Transfers a specific budgeted amount to his Mobile Money wallet upon receiving his paycheque.
Do you prefer cash or cashless?

I'll still prefer cash but, there's no doubt that we are moving forward into the future, things are getting easier. It's really hard to manage money when you're paying online or cashless. When you have cash you can see it and realise, Oh, damn, I only have 500 or 1000 remaining.

Sometimes you find out that, you have really over spent. I'm a young person, I go out sometimes; if I have 30,000 in my hand, I can really easily control how much I'm spending, you can feel the wallet getting smaller.

How do you send/receive money abroad?

Mostly when it's work-related, I'm gonna use our work Bank Account. So, that's business but if it's a personal thing I use that thing from Kenya... mPesa.

PIN Security & Device Storage

  • Is very conscious about pin security
  • Important files are always backed up on Google Drive
  • Backup and Storage is on top of mind
  • Phone's memory is large and is very less likely to run out of space
  • Rarely uses a computer to backup information from phone. Done it once.
How do you feel when an application, asks you for a phone number?
Depends on the reputation. AudioMack is a big app all over the globe. You know, if it's a new app or some app that nobody knows, I don't really give them my number, because someone might be hacking my Mobile Money. However, if it's really like an incredible app like AudioMack, or Instagram, then I'll just give it. I won't be hesitating.
Have you ever given your password to someone else?

Only one person, my little sister. There was a time she really needed money and I had to give her the account credentials.

let's say your phone needs repairs, you go to a repair shop and they ask you to give them your phone's password; what do you do?

There's this place called CarlCare which is really credible. It's only place I've ever given it... It's an international organisation actually. That's where I'll only be comfortable to give out my password. Because they are professionals.

There's [a contract] where you sign and in case they misuse the password, you can sue them and take them to court.