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I prefer cashless. Works full time. Receives salary on the bank account. Has a project on the side that doesn't generate any profits yet. Money is being stored in a bank account, mobile money and cash. Doesn't find cash safe and thinks Mobile Money is reliable. Uses Google Drive to back up data on the phone. Financial apps on the phone are protected with a password.

📍 Rwanda  🏦 Bank  💸 Mobile Money  📱 Android  💻 Desktop/Laptop  ☁️ Google Drive (free) 

Profile & Work  
Location Rwanda
Job Employed Full Time
Payment Frequency Monthly
Hours Per Day 8
COVID19 impact on Work Hours No
Side Hustle Yes
Business Partners /
Dependents 2
Technical Knowhow (1-10) 6

Store of Value & Payments


  • Receives salary on Equity Bank account, before COVID-19 for daily transactions money is usually being transferred to Mobile Money or withdrawn and held in cash, now it’s mostly Mobile Money

    I do prefer paying cashless. It’s weird even though there’s charges, but if you have cash in hand you risk losing it and so I do really prefer cashless transfer.

  • Doesn’t have an ATM card, but has EazzyPay with Equity bank
  • Planning on getting an ATM card even though there are charges
  • Has an account with another bank that is not being used
  • Spending’s are planned
  • Borrowing money to friends or family through Mobile Money, those loans get paid back through Bank Account or Mobile Money
    • When someone borrows money and someone asks you for 20K you might have to put 21K because there are fees that need to be paid
  • Takes loans from Mobile Money (MoCash)
  • Mobile Money holds the biggest amount of money
  • Never transferred money with Airtel or Tigo

BED.MONEY NOTES This participant has confirmed something we found interesting in other user personas and that is that they have never experienced to send money to someone who is using a different provider, like Airtel or Tigo.

Examples :::spoiler Participant 1 Participant 8 Participant 11 :::

Store Bank Account, Mobile Money, Cash
Primary Store of Value Bank Account, Mobile Money
Spending Wallet Mobile Money
High Value Transactions Mobile Money
High Value >50.000
Digital Banking No
Preferred Payment Method Mobile Money
Fees Doesn’t like fees on Mobile Money
Money Management Strictness 7
Money Mindset Achievers


  • Likes the convenience of Mobile Money agents being everywhere
  • Withdrawing money from Equity Bank with EazzyPay on the ATM

Transferring money from Equity Bank <div class="mermaid"> graph LR 1(Equity Bank) –> 2(EazzyPay) –> 3(ATM) –> 4(Cash) 2 –> 5(Mobile Money) </div>

  • Also using EazzyPay to transfer money to accounts in different banks
  • When borrowing money to friends and family or from them, money is expected to be paid back in 30 days


  • Irritated by Mobile Money fees
  • Having cash in hand is not safe, there is a risk of losing it
  • Connection problems when it comes to transferring money with the bank
  • Having a lot of money on Mobile Money account increases desire for spending and withdrawing

Money Management

  • Spending’s are planed
  • Prefers to save money in a bank account to avoid overspending
  • After receiving a salary, spending’s are calculated and only needed amount is being transferred to MTN Mobile Money

    First, after being paid my salary, I do schedule for the expenses I have to make. So I estimate the amount of money I need for the coming month. Then I transfer the whole amount to the mobile money.

  • Money that is not meant for spending is kept in a bank account
  • Uses EazzyPay to keep track of expenses on Equity Bank Account
  • Uses Excel Sheets to keep track of income & spent money in all accounts

Privacy, Security & Backups

Tech Specs  
Phone Model Techno Spark 3
Phone OS Android
SD Card No
Previously Lost Phone Yes
Desktop/Laptop Unknown
Email Addresses >1
Cloud Provider Google Drive
Cloud Storage Capacity (GB) 15 GB
Storage Cost Free
Out of Space Warnings No


  • When an app asks for a sign up, usually uses email address
  • Doesn’t think that singing up with a phone number is more personal


    • No, cause the phone number it’s not something more personal. Mm, I mean I prefer email.
  • Plans on getting an SD card
  • Would provide phone PIN to family and friends
  • Wouldn’t give the PIN to the person fixing the phone, but would put it in for them


  • Email is more convenient for singing up for an account
  • When a phone runs out of space usually would delete photos and WhatsApp videos


  • Worried that a person fixing the phone might misuse the PIN
  • Lost photos, contacts, videos and documents, because of lack of knowledge about backups
  • I lost a phone two years back and at that time, I didn’t know that you can, you can save your contacts, photos, videos. But now I save my contacts on Google account. So if I lost a phone, I can find it on my email.